Ahwazin demonstration in London 13/10/2018

Ahwazin demonstration in London 13/10/2018
The demonstration is in solidarity with Ahwazi Arabs living under brutal and oppressive Iranian occupation, condemned the persistent systemic brutality and injustice against Ahwazi Arab peoples in the south and southwest of Iran.
Members of the Ahwazi community in London held this demonstration to condemn Iranian occupation and raise the long-oppressed voice of Ahwazi Arabs, who have suffered the most savage and racist persecution by consecutive Iranian regimes for more then 90 years to date with the complicity of the international community’.
The demonstration in Iondon is one of series of demonstrations and other activities undertaken by the Arab Ahwazi community in a several country in Europe
In addition, this demonstrations and other events will allow the world to hear the voices of the millions of Ahwazi Arabs who have been subjected to the brutal state policies of the Iranian regimes for almost a century.
Hundreds of Ahwazis will took part in the demonstration.  We will welcome all members of several Arab communities in the diaspora including Palestinians, Iraqis, and Yemenis, and other nations were there to express solidarity with the Ahwazi cause.

Also we will welcome the Representatives of other non-Persian communities residing in Uk who are also subjected to similar persecution, Turks from South Azerbaijan, Kurds from East Kurdistan and Baluchis from Baluchistan who will took part in the demonstration.
These representatives are present there nation to denounce the Iranian regime for its criminal and barbaric policies, such as the cold-blooded murder and ethnic cleansing of their peoples.
They condemned the Iranian state’s mass executions, which is on an industrial, level against activists, not only from these groups, but also against their Ahwazi counterparts.
The demonstration will start in Trafalgar Square (post code WC2N 5DN) at 2pm and it be end in parliament square (post code SW1P 3BD)at 5pm Saturday 13/10/20108
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